Wednesday, 16 August 2017


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'David prepare yourself for some rather strong language because I think your father is going to hit his fingers any time now.'

'That's okay Mummy. Do you want me to stick my fingers in my ears and hum the theme to Bergerac again?'

'Yes Dear but please do it quietly this time.'

It was no joke. Last Christmas little David got the theme to Bergerac well and truly stuck in his head and it ruined everything and was always getting things stuck in his head. Any small suggestion would end up lodged in the far recesses of his brain and only the act of thinking up an imaginary person could remove it. Then he had to go to all the trouble of getting rid of the imaginary person.


'Oh see Daddies behaving himself.'


'Okay you know what to do.'

He put his fingers in his ears and the music started. That's all he needed. Now he would would end up with another imaginary friend alongside the imaginary girl that was making her way down towards the beach.

But she would be difficult to get rid of because of why he had to think her up.

(C) Ally Atherton 2017