Saturday, 6 February 2016


                      'Okay has anybody got any ideas?'

I could see in their eyes there wasn't one idea between them.

Above our heads things were being smashed. 

                        'C'mon think! We need to think!'

The cellar door burst open and they came down the steps.

It was me and the girls against the rest of the world. 

A gun was pointing at my head. We'd have to fight our way out.


I was grabbed and my hands tied behind my back.

                       'Oh my God he's killed them all.'

What was he talking about? One of the girls giggled, I'm sure she did. 

100 words written for the 100 word challenge over at Thin Spiral Notebook. Hosted by Tara Roberts.

Take a look and join in if you feel creative.


  1. A prank? That giggle is either a giveaway or a maniacal laugh.

  2. Thanks TL Roberts :) Loving the 100 page challenge.

  3. Oh, the giggle! This could be headed two ways and one is very frightening!

  4. Nice! I read it a few times to see how many interpretations there might be. It's that giggle that makes you wonder. . Well done!

  5. Wow. What happened? What happened? That is a lot of intrigue for just 100 little words. What happened???