Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Karaoke In The Forties


At Grandma's house you had to sing to let everybody know you were on the toilet.

I remember the outside loo with the cut up squares of newspaper hanging from a string on a nail that somebody long ago drilled into the cold damp walls. But most of all I remember Granddad's lifeless body lying on the floor after Grandma hit him with the coal shovel.

Is there anything worse than dying in the middle of a crap whilst you're singing The White Cliff's of Dover?


The war didn't kill him. Grandma did. Granddad loved Vera Lynn way to much.

                                                                               C) Ally Atherton 2016

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  1. I have not stopped chortling about this one. Poor grandpa.

  2. Hehe!!! Outhouses are tricky, and not just because of the size of the hole!

  3. Ha!Very true :) Thanks for reading.