Saturday, 11 October 2014



 'You could've made a safer bet, but what you break is what you get
  You wake up in the bed you make. I think you made a big mistake.
  You own me. There's nothing you can do. You own me.'

              Mark Berninger of The National. Lucky You.


It wasn't so bad when I only had one or two followers

but now I have 359 and it's getting


I can't even have a crap in peace.

I wake up in the morning and they're stood
at the end of my bed

I've had to get a bigger house and invest in an extra long dining room
so that there's room for all of us

Stupid social media

Apparently it's based upon a 21st Century thing called Twitter
in those days it was all on a computer screen, not real

like it is now. Creepy bastards I wish they would all curl up and die.

I'm just glad I'm not following anybody anymore,

that was insane. I was here, there and everywhere until they all blocked me.

I wish I could block this lot but I've run out of blocks.

The only thing I can do now is


shooting the bastards.

                                                               (C)Ally Atherton 2014

                                                                          Write on Edge

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